Oral Hygiene Vienna

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Oral Hygiene Vienna

Dr. Timea Wicker | DDr. Akos Feher
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Dental prophylaxis

In our practice, we focus on biological dentistry, which means comprehensive and holistic treatment. Professional oral hygiene is an essential factor that contributes to your dental health. That is why dental prophylaxis and professional cleaning are so important. We offer you thorough oral hygiene with experienced and trained prophylaxis assistants.

Do you ensure consistent oral care at home? Then professional teeth cleaning is still necessary twice a year. We use refined methods to reach problem areas that you cannot reach with conscientious dental care at home.

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What is done during oral hygiene?

During professional oral hygiene in our practice in Vienna, all types of bacterial plaque, microorganisms (biofilm), discolouration caused by coffee, tea and nicotine, as well as tartar are removed with a modern powder jet device. The tooth surfaces, interdental spaces and gum pockets are thoroughly cleaned and tartar is removed.

Stubborn bacterial plaque and discolouration can also be successfully removed from hard-to-reach areas such as niches and narrow interdental spaces.

Professional teeth cleaning - Oral hygiene treatment in Vienna


With air-polishing (kinetic energy), maximum protection of the tooth surface is possible during professional tooth cleaning. Air-polishing removes biofilm and discolouration without any loss of substance or roughening of the tooth surface.

Aesthetic effect: Through the gentle removal by means of air-polishing, you will get back your natural tooth colour and thus your beautiful smile.

Why oral hygiene is important

Professional teeth cleaning as prophylaxis is of enormous importance for your oral health. With our prophylaxis offer, which we create personally for you, we are able to detect and treat problems before they arise.

By freeing your teeth and gums from bacterial plaque as well as inflammatory tissue – we support the long-term preservation of your teeth.

In addition to thorough, daily tooth cleaning at home, dental oral hygiene helps as prophylaxis against caries and periodontitis. Implants and dentures last longer and problems with the gums, such as periodontitis, are detected at an early stage.

Healthy teeth make an important contribution to general health. Inflammation of the gums can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, type 2 diabetes or rheumatism.


With our professional oral hygiene in Vienna, you will learn the optimal tooth brushing technique and you will be able to break bad brushing habits at the same time.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How long am I not allowed to eat after professional oral hygiene?

The teeth are a little more sensitive after oral hygiene because they have been thoroughly cleaned and polished. Therefore, you should not eat anything for 1 to 2 hours afterwards and only drink water.

We recommend for 24 hours after dental cleaning:

1. avoid foods containing dyes

Avoid foods containing dyes: beetroot, red cabbage, balsamic vinegar and berries with lots of dyes, as well as drinks containing dyes, such as coffee, tea, juices and red wine.

2. avoid acidic foods

Also avoid acidic fruit, vinegar and soft drinks, they soften the enamel. Until the pellicle has reformed, your enamel is particularly vulnerable to damage.

3. cigarette break

Refrain from cigarette consumption for 24 hours, because nicotine has staining properties for the teeth. It is also a toxic substance that irritates the gums, which are still sensitive at first.

What do you have to consider before oral hygiene?

Before professional teeth cleaning, you should avoid coffee, black tea, red wine and staining foods. The same applies to cigarettes, because nicotine quickly leads to new deposits and discolouration.

In general: a tooth-healthy diet is beneficial for oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day is a matter of course. When doing so, you should also clean the spaces between the teeth to remove bacterial plaque. When brushing your teeth, you should not press down too hard, this is gentle on the gums and the neck of the teeth and prevents damage to the brush.

How often should I do oral hygiene?

Tooth cleaning at the dentist should be done up to twice a year. The intervals depend on the individual risk of caries and periodontitis. Shorter intervals are advisable if there is a tendency to deposits, hard plaque, severe discolouration or gum problems.

Professional oral hygiene with braces?

During the active therapy phase with the orthodontist, professional teeth cleaning should be done every 4 to 6 weeks. If the braces have removable parts, these are removed before the dental cleaning. After that, the procedure is not really different from a dental cleaning without braces.

Who is allowed to do oral hygiene?

Every contracted dentist, their dental representative or appropriately trained dental assistants may perform professional oral hygiene. The latter must be trained as a prophylaxis assistant.

How do I care for my teeth at home?

Thorough and regular oral hygiene is crucial to prevent dental diseases as well as other diseases in the oral cavity. Manual cleaning of the teeth, brushing, is the most important part of this and should be done twice a day. In addition to brushing, you should also use dental floss to thoroughly clean the spaces between your teeth and remove food debris.

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